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Design Build Associates is a full-service Construction Management Consulting company with offices in Westlake Village and Tustin. We strive to be the best and the most professional consulting service company in our industry and are committed to our clients’ satisfaction.

Our expertise is assisting clients in achieving their objectives by helping them define the proper scope of work for their project and administrating that work from conception to completion.  We coordinate and integrate the services of contractors, architects, engineers and other vendors as required for a specific project and scope of work. We believe professional analysis and properly managed teamwork between these experts produces quality results for our clients.

Our principals and project managers have all served in the capacity of licensed general contractors.  We are staffed by experienced, highly-qualified people of integrity with over 250 years of collective experience in the construction industry.


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Management Services

Construction Management

Construction Management

Design Build Associates provides full-service construction management, from initial project development through completion of construction.


Roofing and Waterproofing

Roofing and Waterproofing

DBA can perform water intrusion investigation, as well as oversee waterproofing, flat roof and sloped roof repairs.

Roofing & Waterproofing

Scope Development

Scope Development

Design Build Associates assists in developing project scope, budget requirements and design parameters.

Scope Development

Seismic Upgrades

Seismic Upgrades

We engage the services of a structural engineer to perform an evaluation and, if upgrades are required, will assist with overseeing the repairs.

Seismic Upgrades

What Our Clients Are Saying

Marriott’s Desert Springs Resort & Spa

I can also tell you that I experienced an excellent rapport with Design Build Associates and their on site supervisor during the entire project and was very pleased with the professional manner in which everyone handled themselves. Our Spa customers were almost unaware of the construction taking place in their environment … Given the high expectations of your typical European Health Spa customer, this was phenomenal!

Malibu Canyon Village Homeowners Association

The work to our community is complete and the results are terrific. I can say unequivocally that had it not been for Design Build Associates, we would still be living in an increasingly deteriorating environment, not to mention depressed property values. They have proven themselves trustworthy by providing the information needed for us to make informed choices, and as a result, gave the Board confidence to make the difficult decisions. Their over-sight during the work was superb. And they helped us to bring the project in under budget by a little more than $134,000!

First Western Development Co.

Design Build Associates has proven themselves capable of handling projects in a timely and professional manner with keen abilities in contract negotiations and project scheduling. They have a good grasp of the essentials required to move a project from inception to completion in a timely and effective manner. As president of First Western Development Co., I continue to involve them in my projects because I know they will be executed in a cost-effective, timely, and professional fashion.

261 Unit Condominium, Santa Barbara

The Board was impressed with Design Build's experience and their particular expertise in dealing with the unique issues associated with common interest developments. Everything we were told about the firm proved to be an understatement. The Design Build team is accessible, responsive and unfailingly organized... We truly could not have undertaken this project, let alone succeeded without their leadership and guidance. It is with great pleasure that I offer my recommendation of this firm.

El Escorial Homeowners Association

"Design Build Associates' experience, reputation and qualifications far exceeded others in the industry... They were able to demonstrate to us areas where major savings occurred. Design Build's poise and confidence during the whole process was very reassuring to the Board and the rest of the membership and we quickly came to understand that if we trusted their advice we would emerge from this project with the desired result. Design Build's counsel proved to be invaluable to us in all of these areas and we can confidently state that the recommendations and savings proposed by Design Build Associates, more than paid for their services to our Association... It is without reservation that I can highly recommend the experts at Design Build Associates to anyone who is considering a reconstruction project."

Hidden Canyon Homeowners Association

"I have seen many vendors come and go, and can say that Design Build is one of the best I have encountered. Design Build got us organized, established repair policies, communicated with homeowners and implemented scopes of work defined by architectural plans - something we would never have thought of. As important as their construction knowledge was their general availability and willingness to walk the board through complicated repair and construction projects... They were also proactive, bringing items of concern to the attention of the board... Design Build has helped get our community watertight and in good repair while maintaining their patience and professionalism at all times."

Village Palos Verdes Association

"Design Build Associates strength in developing favorable contracting strategies allowed VPV to enlist the expertise of construction professionals to create detailed construction tactics and estimating in advance of the Association obtaining project funding approval by the membership"

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One Structural Problem with Two Projects to Manage

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