Turning Back the Clock

A guide to helping your property look years younger Is it time for a little Botox or would it be better to have a facelift?  The answer to that question depends on whose face, and whose wallet you’re talking about.  If it is someone else’s face and your wallet Botox will be just fine.  But […]

The Conundrum of Deferred Maintenance

The term “deferred” means to put something off until a later time, while the word “maintenance” is defined as work that is done regularly to keep a building, or piece of equipment in good condition and working order. This begs the question, how does someone put something off until a later time while doing it regularly?

At a recent homeowner association meeting where extensive deferred maintenance issues were being discussed, we had invited a local real estate appraiser to address the membership concerning several different renovation options (and therefore costs) associated with the much needed repairs. In his opening remarks to the membership he bluntly stated, “The problem with homeowner associations is that the members have an ownership interest with an apartment mentality.” At the time I thought that statement was pretty harsh, but looking back over the past 23 years of consulting for homeowner associations I believe he has a point. Although I understand that this is quite a generalization, there are many aspects of his statement that ring true.

Communication, Collaboration and Cooperation

“Good Communication Takes Leadership” By Dennis Brooks, Design Build Associates, Inc. Good communication takes leadership. Does your homeowners association have a strong communication process so that you can keep the homeowners informed? During a reconstruction project it is especially critical to communicate well with the homeowners. Efficient and effectively managed projects focus almost as much […]

Why Construction Management?

We have found that many associations are not fully aware of the duties and responsibilities of a construction manager, and are therefore hesitant to hire one, because they feel that they are just adding an additional layer of cost to the project. Regardless of what caused the problem that you’re facing, i.e., construction defects, a […]

Fact or Fiction

Over the last 30 plus years we have heard many HOA boards of directors and even some community managers state reasons why they decided not to involve a construction manager (CM) in their project. Although many of these reasons may seem appropriate on their face, oftentimes they indicate a lack of understanding of what exactly […]

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