Board Perserverance & Professional Help Win the Day!

Board perseverance and professional help wins the day - Focus Mag.For years Village Palos Verdes Homeowners Association had incurred substantial costs for building maintenance. The complex, consisting of 21 buildings, two pool house buildings and 180 units,was in excess of 30 years old. The original cedar siding had never been sealed nor had any finish ever been applied; it was dried out, full of termites and dry rot and was a source of substantial water intrusion. In many locations the association had used caulking on the siding trying to keep water from entering the units, but this was expensive and ineffective .Although many in the association were aware that it was necessary to replace the siding, as in any association, there were a few homeowners that refused to face the reality that the siding had outlived its useful life.

The board of directors, knowing that the work needed to be done, followed the advice of their community manager and interviewed several construction managers.

Board Perseverance and Professional Help Saves the Day – Focus Mag. March/April 2012