Over the last 35 years we have helped numerous associations with their repiping projects, from Valencia to Malibu to Mission Viejo.  These projects have included repair/replacing both water supply and waste lines.  We work with contractors who specialize in repiping projects  throughout Southern California, we’re confident we can help your association navigate the entire repiping process with minimal disruption to your homeowners.  We are well-versed in the pros and cons of the various products and methods – copper, PEX or epoxy – and the special considerations involved in plumbing projects and the related patching, surface repairs, water issues, etc. when working in occupied homes.

Repiping a community is likely the most intrusive construction project an association will undertake.  Having a construction manager to help the project go smoothly is the most important step you can take to assure the project’s success.  We meet with every owner to make sure there is a common understanding of expectations, and we intercede as necessary to represent the owner’s needs and the association’s responsibilities.  We make sure every home is ready for the repipe so the contractor can move smoothly through the project, allowing the work to stay on schedule.

The repiping effort may involve obtaining a consensus from the membership to pass an assessment or fund a project with reserve funds, an assessment, or a combination of both.  Establishing association-wide agreement on the need for the project and engaging the support of the membership is a crucial step toward ultimate success.  We understand and anticipate what homeowners’ concerns will be and have learned how to best meet those needs through various forms of communication.  Town hall meetings, posted notices and schedules and our own private client-access website page where we communicate information to homeowners are all valuable tools.  We will guide your association and homeowners throughout the construction process, which will help the association complete their project in a timely and cost-effective manner, with minimal difficulty and disruption to homeowners.


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