Cost Estimating

Professional-Construction-Cost-EstimatingDesign Build Associates provides detailed cost estimating services on projects throughout California and in other states. Having constructed and maintained a wide variety of buildings, we understand what construction methods and materials can best be utilized to keep a project within budget without compromising quality.  Our participation in the design of the project provides a method for us to implement these cost saving techniques and materials.To keep the project competitively priced, contractor bids are solicited through the various trades required by the project.  These bids are reviewed and then presented to the owner before final determinations are made as to which contractors and or subcontractors will be involved with the project.

Decades of Construction Experience

Our Design Build Associates team has more than 250 years of collective experience in various fields of construction including cost estimating making us uniquely qualified to complete your cost estimation. From small single family dwellings to 30-story high rises to commercial and industrial parks: we have our fingers on the pulse of the industry and our experienced team of construction professionals will leave no detail to chance.

No Cost Estimating Project Too Big or Too Small

We accept cost estimating projects of all shapes and sizes across Southern California, and throughout California and in other states.

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