Defect Litigation

Defect Litigation Professionals at Design Build AssociatesOwners can find themselves dealing with life-safety, code compliance and water intrusion issues.  All of these must be addressed properly for their own health, safety and welfare, as well as for their property values.  With our experience in this area, we have helped many owners to restore their property to a safe, watertight and structurally sound condition, all within a well planned, organized and budgeted construction process.

We Are Authorities In Construction & Construction Defects

Having decades of combined experience and dozens of projects completed successfully with excellent reviews of our work puts us in a very respected position as authorities in the field construction and by connection, construction defects and litigation. Our experience has saved our clients millions upon millions of dollars in construction defect litigation and remediation costs, saved hundreds maybe even thousands of costly hours and prevented an unknown number of headaches over the past 30 years.

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